Call Centre Managers – Create and Sustain a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Call Centre Manager

Call Centre Managers – Create and Sustain a Mentally Healthy Workplace

This two-day training program will achieve the following outcomes for Call Centre Managers and Supervisors:

  • Understand the regulatory environment and its impact on call centre practices
  • How to evaluate your workplace and set objectives for improvement
  • Understand leadership styles and levels of team emotional maturity
  • How to create a culture where mental health issues can be discussed openly
  • Be able to introduce the concept of ‘mental health champions’
  • Identifying skill gaps that improve the relationship between skills, stress, and anxiety
  • How to help others deal better with confronting situations and people
  • How to create a safe place for Non-Prejudicial conversations and set and evaluate ‘best practice’ in my Call Centre
  • How to identify if a mental health problem exists and referring to the appropriate professionals
  • Effectively implement risk mitigation strategies
  • Be able to implement self-regulation disciplines for management and staff
  • Develop a workplace implementation plan
  • Set up a peer and 'professional' support network
  • Understand the principles for the team and individual employee engagement
Call Centre Manager
Call Centre Manager
Call Centre Manager

Questionnaire to see if your Business is Mentally Healthy

Fill in as much detail as you can and we will be in touch and make you aware of the options available to help create a mentally healthy workplace strategy.

Ok, Let's go…

What Is Best Practice In Managing Mental Health In The Workplace?

A Company-wide approach is needed, but it must also be pragmatic and affordable.  We all know that successful initiatives need senior management commitment and most failed initiatives do not.  But what exactly do managers need to do and what is shown to be working? Take the questionnaire to receive an assessment of your company and receive advice on what needs to be put in place.

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Prosell has worked with Management around the world for over 35 years, helping them create engaged teams in stressful and challenging environments

Ian Lumsden Prosell Sales Training

The Facilitator - Ian Lumsden

Ian has been a coach and mentor in the corporate world over 40 years, and in that time has gained a clear understanding of the barriers to engaging with team members and management regarding mental health issues and interventions in the workplace.

Ian’s expertise built on his background in Psychology is in interactive training that allows individuals to develop their own style and skills within a framework of best practice health and wellbeing standards.

Ian has worked with Prosell for 16 years and has been at the forefront of the company’s research into leadership methodology, measurement of leadership effectiveness in customer service, customer experience, and sales teams.

Ian currently consults to the likes of Vero Insurance; Australian Unity, Swann Insurance, QBE, Remedy Healthcare, Travelex, Investep Financial Services, Trustwave; Konica Minolta; Tyro Payments; Seiko; Trading Post; Dell Computers and News Limited to name a few.

References available on request.

This program has been developed with Julie Gillespie, in line with first aid principles and is part of a comprehensive set of resources to manage Mental Well Being in any workplace.

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