Professional Selling Skills

An Overview of the Professional Selling Skills Training Course

This two day workshop is for anyone who is selling in a business to business environment. It is based on recent research into how business customers buy and the skills needed to differentiate from the competition.  We would emphasise that all our courses are customised and content is added or removed based on a training needs analysis.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Use FORECAST to evaluate the quality of existing prospects
  • Use FORECAST to identify the actions needed to win existing sales opportunities
  • Define the purpose of a sales call
  • Create an agenda for a sales call
  • Define objectives for a sales call that contribute to an advance in the sales cycle
  • Use effective questioning skills
  • Prepare a call opening based on pre-call planning
  • Use the two step structure to open a sales call
  • Probe for areas of implied need & develop implied needs into explicit needs
  • Use Feature, Advantage and Benefits statements to relate capabilities to agreed explicit needs
  • Prepare and present effective proposals
  • Use the two step closing process to agree future action
  • Key steps to manage a sale to a successful conclusion
  • Ask for commitment appropriate to the content of a sales call
  • Use the handling objections structure to resolve a prospect’s concerns

Workshop Agenda Timeline – Day One


Introductions, Agendas and Objectives


Examining Our Sales Process:

  • Links in the Sales Process Chain
  • Validating the Chain
  • Exercise – Situation Analysis


Qualifying Opportunities:

  • Building Luxury of Choice
  • FORECAST process
  • Exercise – Prospect Analysis


Call Planning & Objective Setting:

  • Action focussed objectives
  • Advance V Continuation
  • Exercise – Call Planning




Opening Sales Calls:

  • Suggested structure
  • Exercise – Opening Sales Calls


The Need Development Process:

  • The needs spectrum
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Critical Questions and the need development process


Exercise – Roleplays covering opening the sale, identifying needs and opportunities, looking for areas of commercial value to the customer


Review & Close

  • Exercise feedback and personal objectives for the next day

Workshop Agenda Timeline – Day Two


Relating Capabilities to Needs:

  • Features, Advantages & Benefits
  • Developing Your USP’s
  • Exercise – Selling Your Proposition


Proposal Writing:

  • Getting the Right Information
  • Structure of a Proposal
  • Wring a Management Summary
  • Presenting a Proposal


Closing Calls & Gaining Commitment:

  • When to Close
  • How to Close
  • Advancing the Sales to the Next Stage
  • Managing a Sales Cycle to a Successful Conclusion


Objection Handling:

  • Behaviours to Avoid
  • Behaviours to Adopt
  • Answering Objections
  • Exercise – Dealing With Our Common Objections




Final Exercises

  • Putting in Place The Most Critical Skills in a Group Roleplay Exercise


Individual Planning:

  • Assessment Of Personal Strengths & Development Areas
  • Performance Improvement Plan


Workshop Review:

  • Review Of Key Learning Points
  • What Happens Next?
  • Workshop Critique



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