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A Few Client Testimonials 


Vitaco LogoWe have been putting into practise the Prosell formula for just over a month. The team have taken this on board and are having some great successes.  The information they are uncovering and additional sales they are achieving it is all due to Prosell.  May was the first month every rep hit their target and we are on track to hit June’s number as well.  I have raised our sales forecast as we look like we will overachieve in June as well.  We still have a long way to go to have Prosell become second nature to us as we still slip back into old habits or lose our way during a call.

Charley Kelly | National Sales Manager | Vitaco



GFK Australia Logo

Our organisation had a range of development needs for our client facing staff. We need to present detailed market research to clients as well as engage with them in order to develop new services.

We engaged Prosell as a result od a recommendation from another company and have worked with them for three years. They were able to customize our presentation skills training so that our people were able to practice and improve the specific skills they needed to be effective in their roles.

They were also able to build into the presentation skills program the key elements of sales presentations that was needed for a senior section of our staff.

We found their responsiveness and professionalism of an extremely high standard. They were able to understand our business quickly and deliver programs that wre customized to the point where they had a real business impact.

Sarah Drake | HR Manager | GFK Australia




RAC Logo 2“This has been a phenomenal success – a true example of using a specialist training company to solve difficult sales problems.”

John Kay | RAC







Trading Post Logo

"Prosell’s workplace based approach helped our people to deal with real issues with real customers.  They’re very results orientated and they demand of us, as Clients, that we do measure them.  Use them, they get results.”

Barry Sanders | Trading Post





Quiksilver Logo

"The team have been killing their outbound calls!!  They have a new-found confidence from the training program, and it is very evident in their results.  The average conversion rate over the past couple of months has been around 15-20% (sometimes higher), where previously, it was down around 3-5%."

Kim Morris | Operations Manager | Quiksilver






Comcast Logo

"Prosell’s program had led to a $270m increase in country-wide sales performance and this figure was produced by our very thorough financial analysts."

Trevor Elliot | Sales VP | Comcast





ICE Design Logo 2"With 60 plus stores, sales training and development is key to our business success and Prosell have a unique formula to deliver development to all our team members in a positive and well-coached way. We've achieved real financial results by implementing the Prosell sales coaching process, not only in the average number of items sold to each customer, but also an increase in the value of each transaction."

Jodie Gleason | National Sales Manager | ICE Design





Imperial Tobacco Logo

“Results from the program have meant that we’ve been able to sustain the improvement we made. Within the first two weeks we observed physical changes in behaviour and our people are now more in tune with the business. In my experience in the business I’ve never had the kind of support Prosell gave us. It’s the only sales training I’ve done where we get to a measurable finish. Prosell has made a difference to our business, an absolute difference."

Wayne Jones | National Business Manager | Imperial Tobacco





Travelex Logo

“We really need a culture of being customer-centric. Customer service is the key thing that will underpin our success; if our customer service is strong and we care about our customers we will be market leaders. We needed a program that our sales consultants could implement when they are dealing with our customers so that we can deliver what they want. This programme is designed to make our people experts in dealing with our customers and their foreign exchange needs”.

Matt McCarthy | Retail Director for Australasia and Japan | Travelex





Yell Logo

“As a result of Procoach™ Professional, we now have a centre of excellence for helping us to deliver a quality service throughout Yell customer service teams.” “Procoach™ programmes remain the customer service ‘house style’. They suit our business, the service remains flexible yet it is as relevant now as it was when we first started the programme in 2003. We have fully embraced the Procoach™ concept and, as a result, we expect to experience the long-term benefits throughout our contact centres and service teams.” 

Jan Lovett | Senior Customer Service Manager | Yell





O2 Logo

“For every participant on the programme, there has been a noticeable and positive change in behaviour. This has contributed to an inclusive yet robust working environment.” He further comments: “My supervisors now appreciate the need for a varied coaching approach, instead of delegating using just the ‘tell’ approach. We encourage effective questioning by our supervisors which manifests in an open-dialogue with advisors, making them feel involved in the decision making process. He concludes: “Procoach™ has also given my supervisors the confidence to address ‘people’ issues and feel comfortable, delivering performance feedback."

As a result of implementing Procoach™ Licence to Coach, O2 has seen a 53% improvement in their managers coaching effectiveness. This was evidenced by measurable behaviour changes during the programme.

Stuart Flower | Manager of the Dimensions Support Bureau | O2





Henselite Logo

"We asked Prosell to evaluate our current go to market strategies. As a result of the diagnosis Prosell completed on our business, we not only had a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our sales strategies. But through Prosell’s recommendations and implementation strategies, we had a clear pathway forward. We are very happy with the results."

Mark Hensel | Managing Director | Henselite





Vero Insurance Logo

"Prosell were originally chosen because of the rigour of their program and the fact that the emphasis was on workplace achievement and not just a series of training events.  The team we worked with devoted time to understand our business and its challenges and then created a program that exactly met the quite specialist needs of our Managers and BDM’s.  We were impressed by Prosell’s ability to maintain a focus on workplace improvement, in what was a very busy time for our managers.  Prosell also helped us manage the process of embedding ‘best practice’ into our culture, so the standards set at the outset were committed to and achieved by the group, which was a significant and measurable change in both skill and business results." 

Andrew Mair | General Manager | Vero Insurance





Lloyds Banking Group Logo

"Prosell were invited to work with us early in 2011.The programme that Prosell devised (working closely with us) involved a two pronged approach working with both managers and staff together to embed best practice coaching skills & developing sales agents to perform their jobs better. My experience of working with Prosell is that they are the ultimate in professionalism, and a company very prepared to be flexible with the ever changing needs of the business. I cannot fault their support and advice in meeting our objectives, nor their patience and dependability.

The behavioural changes that have been observed so far (the training is still ongoing) is a sharp increase in the focus of professionalism in the managers of the business, and the willingness to put coaching into practice. There has also been a marked improvement in the sales performance of many of the staff, and indeed they have greeted the training. With a huge amount of enthusiasm, which I put partly down to the excellent training delivery of the Prosell trainer.

Most importantly the culture of the organisation is starting to change to one of a more professional and structured approach."

Alastair Ramsay | Training Manager | Expatriate Banking - Lloyds Banking Group





BT Global Services Logo

We conducted a formal ROI report into the Sales Managers Development Programme that Prosell delivered for us. This was a programme designed to build coaching competency in first line sale managers. We found that the ROI was in excess of 200%. This report was audited by the ROI Institute.

In terms of business impact, I should say that with the SMDP coaching programme, we achieved a drop in voluntary attrition from approx 19% to below 12%.  In the sales field this is very significant.

David Vachell | Learning and Development Manager | BT Global Services





GE Money Logo

In terms of cultural change, this has been massive over the last 18 months.  This has been achieved through a number of key initiatives and strategic changes on what and how we sell, thus cannot be isolated to the implementation of Prosell, however, I would say this was a key driver in terms of driving the cultural change to become more results focused and sales driven as people are bought into our vision and feel valued in terms of the coaching and development they know receive.

Performance has improved 500%, (ROI 4:1) though as above not isolated to the Prosell model, but certainly a crucial element amongst a number of changes implemented over last 18 months.

In terms of staff feedback, we have moved from 63% of staff feeling valued and supported by direct manager to 100% (over last 5 quarter surveys)”

Sarah McMann | Sales Director | GE Money





Post Office Ltd Logo

After a rigorous selection process, overseen by Royal Mail Group, we choose to work with Prosell because of their pragmatic approach to our problem of transforming our organisation's culture of transactional order taking into a conversational approach to selling. They understood the environment in which we operated and the diverse attitudes of our staff and agents to selling. Their empathy and patience were key to the success of this major training programme and as we had 6,000 branches and over 12,000 people to be trained we were conscious of the need to have a company that could deliver locally for us as well as resource nationally throughout the UK.

Prosell worked closely with us and adapted their Procoach™ Coaching model to meet the needs of our branch managers and Post Masters. We were impressed with the added value of transferring the learning. This was a key feature of the programme to achieve sustainability beyond the initial injection of Prosell resources. They undertook visits to our branches and assessed our managers' as they coached their teams and the team members themselves selling through on the job observations for sales performance improvement. They engaged with our central departments and our Regional Management Teams to communicate the successes and challenges on a regular basis which enabled us to own the programme internally for the future.

In partnership we devised a practical sales model based around conversational selling which led to the Internal brand of +1 being created which in turn enabled us to create our +1 Performance Manager Team to sustain the substantial investment we made. It was not always an easy deployment as the business and operational needs changed, yet we worked together to ensure effective solutions were delivered and we saw ROI. During our time of working together the +1 programme delivered a 17% improvement in transaction value and meant a £10 million revenue forecast for The Post Office®.
Previous attempts to grow revenue had failed to deliver anything close to this magnitude and the legacy of the +1

Programme still delivers success to this day as the sales culture of the Post Office has changed beyond recognition.

Eric Logan | National Sales Support Manager | Post Office Ltd.





An Post Logo

Prosell has worked with An Post over the last 2-3 years in promoting conversational approaches to staff coaching and over-the-counter sales.

Prosell has always been very professional in its dealings with An Post, and has brought considerable expertise, experience and energy to the transformation project we have been engaged in.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Prosell to prospective clients.

We have seen considerable behavioural change at the counter in company and contract post-offices around the country.  We have also seen managers increase the extent and improve the nature of their coaching interactions with staff.

The effect of the Customer Plus programme (designed in conjunction with Prosell and delivered with their engagement) cannot be capture in a couple of sentences.  However, comparison with control groups has shown that offices in engaged in the programme have experienced improved sales growth as a direct and verifiable result of their engagement.  Offices engaged in the programme frequently experience double digit growth in transactions levels.

Diarmuid O'Conghalie | An Post


We have found Prosell to be very professional in their approach, responsive and adaptable to our needs and proactive in supporting and developing the programme. Changing culture in an organisation such as An Post takes time but since we commenced the programme in August 2009 we have seen a significant shift in culture. Offices are becoming more focused on achieving sales targets, products and services are being proactively introduced to customers( when it is beneficial for the customer), and we have succeeded in getting staff in a number of offices to engage with customers outside the counter. We have seen offices achieve significant sales growth in a range of products with double digit growth across a range of products in some exceptional offices.  We have also seen a large number of offices recognise the benefits of the programme and engage in conversational selling at a reasonable level. However, there are a number of offices where we have failed to make an impact in changing culture but we are continuing to focus on the approach in the conviction that they will see the benefits eventually.

Ken Murphy | An Post





Ecotricity Logo 2

I have struggled in the past to find quality coaching capability and so have been greatly impressed by the overall quality and efficacy of Prosell – and in particular the application of the Procoach™ services. I have employed Prosell training at both npower and recently at Ecotricity. I can report tangible results; delivering increased performance and important cultural change within the organisation. A key quality is their approach to projects – and often in sensitive situations they are able to engage at all levels - winning the support within the organisation at management level – and also delivering the enthusiasm and positive outcomes from those directly involved in the programmes. They have worked on a number of projects covering customer service, call centre telesales and events training Happy to go into more detail but I would certainly recommend Prosell - and I would say the tougher the challenge the more valuable they will be.

Chris Wintle | Sales & Marketing Director | Ecotricity





Lloydspharmacy Logo 2“It is so refreshing, as an HR professional, to work with a company that is as committed to sustainability and return on investment as we are in the HR leadership team. Working with Prosell has been a highly supportive and appropriately challenging partnership which has brought significant expertise to the success of this programme.

Barbara Sutherland | Head of Capability














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