Consultative Selling

Frustrated with 'generic' consultative selling training
that has little impact?

The capabilities needed by salespeople to use genuine Consultative Selling skills have developed significantly in the last 7 years. 

Good consultative selling is much more about adding value by challenging the customers’ view of the world through sound analysis and genuine insight.  The role has shifted because customers have less time, more options and need to see value straight away.  Salespeople who think consultative selling is about information gathering and good questioning are missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

Since the GFC and a flattening of the world economy, more competition means you have to differentiate early.

Beware of ‘standardised’ views of consultative selling skills training.  Most of what was created in the 70’s and 80’s is outdated and has much less impact than it did.

Consultative Selling Chairs

Wouldn’t you prefer consultative selling training and that is proven to work in the current world economy?

Consultative selling skills training & coaching that works because it:

  • Requires the entire operation to support a process of developing people in the workplace to the point where they show a change in both behaviour and results
  • Only trains people on what they genuinely need to be more effective, not a 'catch all' training course
  • Uses the latest research into real consultative selling - based on what customers want
  • Leaves your organisation with practical tools in assessing, coaching and developing sales people
  • Dramatically changes results – helps those who can perform better and isolates those who can’t, or won’t meet the standards that are essential

Prosell's service is based on workplace accreditation, not classroom attendance. The bulk of our time is spent (in conjunction with your management) on developing people in the workplace.

Consultative Sales Meeting

This development focuses on the key skills needed to succeed in the business to business market. Consultative selling training includes:

  • Sales planning and campaign management
  • Customer contact strategies
  • Consultative selling – what makes you a trusted advisor
  • The ability to educate and influence the customers view
  • Identifying needs in your areas of strength
  • Strongly articulating your value proposition
  • Negotiating the outcome
  • Managing sales to a conclusion (avoiding drift)
Talk to us about developing a program tailored to your needs:

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Prosell provides customised training, coaching, and program choices that cater to teams with expertise in sales, retail, corporate, call centres, and customer service. These options are specifically designed to meet the needs of clients and are accessible in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific area.

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