Sales Effectiveness Survey


The sales effectiveness survey has been developed by Prosell using 30 years of sales operations data from a range of industries around the world.

This has provided us with very accurate information, as well as a unique insight into what high performing sales operations look like.

It has also given us the ability to prioritise those things that, if improved, are most likely to have an immediate and positive impact on sales performance. It is these areas that the survey focuses on.

Once the survey is completed we provide you with immediate feedback and also a more comprehensive report, with practical recommendations to improve sales performance. You also have the opportunity to discuss your results with one of our team to gain further insight into what you should do and more importantly, what you should do first.

High performing sales operations know what the critical elements are to drive sales performance and they measure and manage the key elements of their sales process. The key elements are:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Sales Process Effectiveness
  3. Sales Skills Effectiveness
  4. Sales Planning Effectiveness
  5. Value Proposition Effectiveness
  6. Sales Management Effectiveness
  7. Measurement and KPI Effectiveness
  8. Sales Development Effectiveness

The survey gives you an opportunity to rate your sales operation against ‘best practice’ and provides guidelines for improvement.

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