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Has sales coaching had little or no impact on actual sales?

Does this sound familiar? Seems like a very simple reason not to trust sales coaching. What if you could guarantee results?

And that the delivery of this effective coaching would be based on your specific business, team and industry. Every step measured. Each result analysed.

The step by step coaching approach to real sales results that will bring you real results such as this:

Tape Measure

What weight loss has to do with sales coaching

To lose weight, you need to eat and drink less and exercise more. How simple is that? Those of us who have tried it however, know that it is far from easy.


When it comes to the ability of sales managers to apply coaching and develop their teams’ skills, it all sounds quite easy. Agree the standards required, assess how well your team members meet these standards and apply good coaching in the areas that need development.

But like losing weight, the fact that it sounds simple does not make it easy. The mistake many companies make is that they assume, because it sounds simple, that their managers can do it adequately well.

But ask yourself, how many sales managers do this well (well enough to make a real difference to performance) and consistently? Research tells us 3-4 hours per person per month is the optimum for real performance improvement.

Prosell’s Licence to Coach™ program evaluates and supports managers in the workplace to the point where they are doing it well, regularly and can see measurable changes in skills and results.

Don’t assume coaching is effective because someone went on a course. Use a process that drives skilful coaching into the workplace and reports back on effectiveness and results, so it doesn’t allow other pressures (The economy fluctuates. Staff members leave or new ones arrive. You launch a new product or enter a new market), to get in the way.

Sales Coaching: How about these five steps as a starting point

Make it absolutely clear what behaviours and activities will lead to success
Measure these behaviours and activities
Identify where support and development is needed
Provide the right support and development
Check that this has had an impact on the person or team’s effectiveness and results

No second-guessing or stabs in the dark. Concrete, on the ground coaching skills that will bring real success.

Effective sales coaching shouldn’t compromise productivity

So often coaching means taking your team out of action for a day and sending them off-site. Or time-consuming workshops based on imaginary scenarios. Effective coaching can only happen when it is researched, designed and implemented at your workplace, using your actual team members, sales figures and trading conditions.

The Prosell coaching process happens in four steps:



Identify the root cause of why the company isn’t meeting its performance capability and also agree the project’s success criteria. Build best practice models that are specific, aligned with the company’s strategy and can be trained and coached.

Purpose Building a Solution

Intelligent design of workshops that aligns objectives, key skills and performance development. Practical coaching activities that allow people to show the specific skills needed.

Workplace Implementation

Rapidly improve the target population’s effectiveness by supporting the use of new skills in ‘the real world’ and so deliver a tangible return on investment. This is done through coaching and other forms of measurement and skill reinforcement.


Support and measure the implementation of new practices and improved business outcomes. These are typically tools provided to management to measure, coach and develop the skills needed.
Plan A B

What problems do you want to conquer in your business?

Effective coaching is not about selling products or events. It is about simple problem-solving. Don’t confuse simple with easy. Real change requires real work. So you may as well be assured that the work you are doing is being measured for results and is taking your business forward in conversions, sales, and growth.

Here's a sample of the challenges our coaching has effectively met:



"Our market was changing and our people needed new skills" "We were not winning our share of the opportunities we were creating."


"We wanted a 16% uplift in sales performance." "New business acquisition is always a struggle."

Service and Sales

"We had a call centre operation spread across Australia and we needed to move from a service to a sales culture and support people in achieving better results." "Our mystery shopping results showed we were very inconsistent in how we dealt with customers."

Management Effectiveness

"Our forecasts were consistently inaccurate and affecting our whole planning process, as well as our bottom line." "Our managers lacked the skills to significantly change the performance of their teams."

Channel Sales

"Our merchandising sales force was not really influencing sales in the retail outlets." "We had difficulty in managing and improving sales through third parties." You might recognize these challenges. No doubt you have a few specific ones of your own. We’d love to hear from you to talk about how effective coaching can help your business achieve its sales and growth goals. In the meantime, if you want to get started with some simple, manageable steps, we invite you to download our FREE sales effectiveness tool. It shows you how to analyse your overall business effectiveness and start putting those steps into place. Originally developed as a coaching tool for us to work with businesses, we found it was so effective and popular that we decided to give it away. Many businesses can get a whole lot of great work done on their own using it and then clarify the areas where they might need extra help.
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