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Most organisations recognise that their service people are also in a prime position to identify opportunity and recommend / sell to their customers.  Prosell help to turn pure service into sales / service roles (both face to face and telephone based), by doing the following;


  • Designing the approach and skills that will work for your people
  • Strong focus on workplace implementation, by giving managers the skills to coach, develop and support
  • Measurement emphasis on change of both behaviours and results in the workplace
  • The right skills for your customers – not pushy selling but identifying opportunity through better engagement and questioning



Customised Sales and Service Training with a focus on workplace application and measurable change


Read the case study about how Prosell worked with Henselite to improve results.


Do customers feel like friends or enemies?

Customers have never been as well informed, sophisticated, discerning and demanding as they are now. The internet means that every customer can compare you on price, service and reputation – and will not hesitate to do so.

Retaining customers does not require magic. In fact it’s the opposite. A step by step analysis and process to ensure all of your sales systems are working exactly as you want them to. Prosell will work with you to:

  1. Identify what works and what doesn’t – day to day, on the ground, in your business.
  2. Develop strategies and action plans based on the skills of your team, the demands of your workplaces and the reality of your industry.
  3. Monitor actions and steps, assess how they are going, make any necessary adjustments - in short, stay with you, in the workplace, until your results have changed.



Learn how to achieve these business goals:

  • Improve revenues, with a focus on building solutions to customer needs, buying procedures and decision making processes;
  • Substantially strengthen & improve sales management and relationship building skills;
  • Consistently deliver high performance customer service standards;
  • Increase the velocity of sales opportunities and the level of conversion and closure rates;
  • Increase and sustain the client base;
  • Create a capacity for the organization to compete more effectively
  • Increase the bottom line by boosting revenues and gross margins through sales improvement & management training, and
  • Manage your people far more effectively over time.


How will Prosell work with my business?

We usually start out by implementing a health check, using our proven '8 Factor Analysis' process. Please contact us if you want to start making real changes to your team’s performance.

And if you want to get a heads up on what that’s all about, we invite you to download our FREE Analysis Tool: This analysis takes minutes to complete and will give you an immediate insight as to how your company stacks up again best practice. You could start to change things for the better today. '8 Factor Business Health Check'.


Prosell offers a program that combines sales training and sales coaching.  It is based on recognised research, which tells us that training alone has limited impact and that when supported by skilful coaching, has 74% more chance of being implemented.

Prosell has resources to deliver these programs across Australia, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.











Training & coaching programs for sales, management, call centre and customer service teams delivered in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.Training and coaching courses for sales and customer service teams delivered in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia.Contact us: Prosell Sales Training Company Head Office: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia.









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Prosell provides training and coaching for call centre, customer service and sales management teams in retail and corporate sales across Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand & Asia Pacific.


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