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Prosell operates as a sales training company at a national level, and has established offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The company has extensive reach and can provide training in all states and territories. With over 35 years of experience, Prosell understands the factors that contribute to the success of sales training and how it can boost revenue.

Customised Sales Training Courses

All the research tells us that people find it difficult to take broad concepts and turn them into specific behaviours.  Rather than being told ‘this is what good sales people do’, they need to be told, ‘this is the best way to do this with your products and your customers’.  Sales skills are not completely generic and some skills may not work for your people. There is a huge difference between selling solar panels on the phone and selling a $1,000,000 home.

Right Amount of Practice

Many sales training courses are under time pressures.  Gone are the one week courses, even 3 day courses are unusual.  When sales courses are shortened it is inevitably the most important element that goes, which is practice.  The only way we improve skills is through practice and feedback.  We do not get better by listening to people, observing people or hearing old war stories about how great a sales person the presenter was.  As a result, with little or no practice, the trainee has no competence and therefore no confidence to apply the skills.

Set Performance Expectations

Many people attend training knowing that no one is going to check whether they apply what they have learnt and if it is making and difference to their performance.  This is the main reason sales training courses fail to have impact; because no one has to apply any of it.  Good sales training starts with an expectation of both behaviour change and performance improvement.  Without this, we see very non-committed attitudes and management get frustrated that the training investment has shown no return.

Make It Important

The organisations who have had the best results from sales training courses and genuine change in results have made sales training (and successful performance during the training) a pre-requisite to being fully appointed in the role.  Successful completion of sales training and subsequent performance has also been used for salary increments and other forms of recognition and reward.  The role of all management is critical in this.  Senior sales management communicate what is important in their business by the things they choose to discuss and focus on.  All management must recognise the importance of good sales training and give it air time.

Encourage Competition

Some of the most effective sales training we have used is where we have created competition within the training; - breaking the group into teams and having them compete over a series of sales situation and see who sells the most. This is an important way of linking sales skills application to sales success early in the person’s career.  It also gives you greet insight into team dynamics; who is the most ruthless, who takes time to help others etc.  Valuable information for a sales operation!

Listen To The Feedback

Have course critiques and participant feedback that give you genuine insight into the value of your sales training course.  In you feedback documents ask about relevance, meeting the participants objectives, right type of content, right level of content, no key areas missing, needed more practice time etc.  Always strive to improve both content and structure of a sales training course.

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Prosell provides customised training, coaching, and program choices that cater to teams with expertise in sales, retail, corporate, call centres, and customer service. These options are specifically designed to meet the needs of clients and are accessible in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific area.

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