Licence to Sell™

How Licence to Sell™ Works

As an increasing number of organisations become aware of the major deficiencies associated with traditional learning and development tools, Licence to Sell™ is now accepted as an effective and efficient alternative

that not only overcomes all of these issues but also drives real performance into the business.

Unlike many traditional training programs, Licence to Sell™ uses a combination of short workshops which prepares participants for effective on-the-job support and unique work based tools, which dramatically improve performance.

Licence to Sell™ allows organisations to gain a rapid and sustainable improvement in their sales operation’s performance by creating individual coaching programs for each team member. Through a unique combination of workplace coaching and personalised support, the program is designed to meet the individual’s specific development needs. Licence to Sell ensures that all staff consistently execute to benchmark standards more quickly than any other form of development.

How Licence to Sell™ Works

How Licence to Sell™ Works

At the heart of the Licence to Sell™ solution is an accreditation process that rewards people, through a process of workshops and workplace tasks, for delivering tangible business results, not classroom attendance.

How the Organisation Benefits

Through consistently coaching your sales people, Licence to Sell™ measurably changes skills, behaviours and results in the workplace. The accreditation process, at the core of the Licence to Sell™ solution, ensures that all people in your workplace meet company standards in both sales effectiveness and sales results.

A Case Study: News Limited

Company Background

News Ltd is a diversified media company and subsidiary of News Corporation. They have operations in newspapers and information services; television; magazines and inserts; and several other media segments. Their contact centre operations are located across Australia.

The Challenge

The consumer trend from print to online advertising was eroding News Ltd’s traditional print revenues and those selling it had become reactive in their approach. Traditional training courses had not been successful in changing these behaviours. The challenge was to change the skills and attitudes of their 500+ sales staff across three contact centres, and to improve and maintain classified sales in their news publications while faced with a shrinking market.

The Program

As part of Prosell’s diagnosis, a range of execution models were created which gave News Ltd a measurable and observable set of standards that all the team could follow. Managers and supervisors were taken through the Licence to Coach™ program, whilst all 500+ sales staff followed Licence to Sell™. Managers completed workshops to practice using the tools and templates Prosell had designed followed by field support over a four month period. Enjoying one on one coaching and feedback, managers were taken to the point where they were coaching well and genuinely changing the behaviours of their people. Managers enabled their teams to meet the required skills, attitudes and results.

The Results

  • 12% increase in overall revenue (against a backdrop of a 13% fall over the same 12 month period
    in the classified industry)
  • 16.5% increase in dollars per advertisement
  • 21% increase in measured conversion rates - enquiries to bookings
  • A return on investment in less than four months into the twelve-month program

About Prosell

Established in 1985 and with offices in Sydney, London and New York, Prosell is at the forefront of providing organisations with proven, thorough and objective led business performance improvement solutions. Our exhaustive knowledge in both business and consumer markets has helped define services aimed at creating and delivering sustainable, quantifiable improvement for our Clients.

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